Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Step Forward

Well, I landed a new job in a portrait studio doing professional photography. I am only shooting portraits, which I have never really done, and mostly it is with children, but I feel it's a strong start in the world of professional photography. I have already learned an incredible amount of information about how to shoot portraits in a studio, how to frame and light a portrait properly, and how to sell photos. To celebrate, this post is just a grab bag of some shots from my collection that are just sort of fun and interesting, there really isn't a theme. Let me know what you think!

I am thinking about trying to start selling some of my artistic photographs, so if anyone is interested in having some original hand signed prints from an amateur photographer that they sort of know online for very cheap, let me know. Much love. <3

Foggy day in Reno. Cat-hat-man.

Black Rock Desert. I chased this poor creature for a mile trying to photo him in the middle of nowhere. He died of heat exhaustion.
Rancho San-Rafael Park. I was feeling as lonely as this picture looks.
My good friend Jordan at Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The water was nearly freezing.
Taken on my summer cross-country bicycle tour. This thing was like 4 inches long.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pipe Dreams

I have an extreme fondness for tunnels; being in them, photographing them, and looking at them. If you've ever walked down a long tunnel in complete darkness you probably know what I mean. It feels very surreal, lonely, and claustrophobic. I enjoy the feeling of being in a tunnel, the scarier the better. These are some of the tunnel shots I've managed to collect. I've found most of the tunnels in the area where I live so it's always awesome to discover a new one while traveling. Most of these are self-portraits, set up with a timer and a tripod. Once in a while I can convince a friend to go exploring with me at 1AM.