Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nighttime Adventures of Cat-hat-man

Night exploration is one of my favorite activities. People are sleeping, it is quiet out, the air is clear and chilled, and the world looks and feels completely different. You can dance, you can sing, you can take weird photos, you can wear costumes, and you can be yourself without reserve. If it's not something you've tried, TRY IT. Cat-hat-man is one of the photo-adventure characters I like to take out once in a while. That crazy cheeky cat is always up to something he probably shouldn't be. These all kind of have a grungy feel, which is typical of many night-shots unless you have a really good SLR camera. I am saving for a new one, but until then there are these.

This is actually two photos, edited together obviously.

Just a big park with a lake. Great for exploring at night.

Several photos edited together again. I was bored.

Reno Balloon Races: tunnel perspective.

At the park again. It looks like a fire in the distance to me.


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  2. Love how you play with lights and shadow, keep them coming!

  3. I love looking at things like this.

  4. Thanks for the insightful comments on my last blog post!

  5. The feeling is really magical, i havent done this for 2 years, but i can still remember that magic in it.

  6. I really the love the photos with the street lamp in them illuminating the scene. They are really something.

  7. I like playing at night too, but my hat makes me look like a bear.

  8. First photo looks good; the longer I look, the more the darkness really becomes something tangible. However, the pink on the guy's front is a bit distracting; everything is a nice drab brown, except that one point in his outfit. Catches the eye a lot.

    The second photo makes me squirm because its really really good, but I wish I could change ooooooone little thing: I wish the glowing clouds were less on the side with the tree and not in the middle; right now the person in frame appears a viewer, looking at the scene. By placing more emphasis on the light-to-dark shift, I think the person in frame would appear more a character- they interact with the world as an opposite to the light. It would be a journey, a choice, an alternative. At the moment, we share this image with the person in frame. I dunno, I don't like sharing, hehe.

    Third photo, I wish the guy lying down were instead sitting with the guy on the sidewalk (hunched over in a lonely position when people are so near- it might speak that simply being around people doesn't mean you dont feel alone-, contrasted to the rather strong, confident positions of the other two), as it would create a line of focal points rather than a triangle with one guy standing out.

    Save for the highest balloon (it lacks symmetry with the rest) and the little hoop on the person's hip (a little distracting when viewing the silhouette, but thats such a minor quibble), I absolutely adore that picture. The lighted balloon, the person's posture, the light against the wall- its fantastic.

    The last picture has some asymmetrical lighting that makes the right side seemed very cluttered; when trying to look at the person in the shot, they eye looks over to the bright patch of light- right at the edge of the frame, which makes it feel tight and claustrophobic. If it were a bit dimmer/covered by the person, I think it would offer a nice contrast to the natural light off to the left, but as it stands its blaring.

    Very good stuff dude, I hope to see more!